ALL the nail polish!

Here's a conglomeration of the manicures I've done for others this summer! None of these hands are mine, but the nail art is! I'll try to be brief in the descriptions. Lotsa pictures, make sure you click the "read more" button! 

This first mani is made using a base color and adding several different colored dots using a bobby pin. You can also use dotting tools of different sizes, but I'm cheap and make do with bobby pins, haha. The second picture below is the same style with slightly different colors (and a different person's hand). I also added an accent nail of contrasting color on the second manicure. Have you seen my original design?

The colors used in the dotting manis are (in no particular order) Sinful Colors: Rich in Heart, Love Nails, Frenzy; Sally Hansen: White On, Blizzard Blue, Golden-I; and Essie: Sexy Divide (purple).

Stamped using MASH plates (from the second set 26-50)

Used in this mani is a base of Sally Hansen: Golden-I with Zoya: Holly stamped over. Holly isn't a polish made for stamping, but most of the leaves came out really well! I also added a bit of gradient using the green before stamping the leaf pattern. 

Also from MASH image plates

Finally, these are my mom's nails (I don't know how she keeps her nails long all the time). I asked her to pick a stamp to try and we went with hibiscus! (The Hawaii state flower! Except I think that the state flower is actually the yellow version, but I didn't have yellow at the time, and my mom likes pink, so....)

The base is Sally Hansen: White On. The flowers and circle-y things are Sally Hansen: Posh Plum and the branch is in Sinful Colors: Rich in Heart.

Which mani is your favorite? Any ideas on what I should do in the future? I'd love to hear some comments! 
Thanks for reading and see you next time! 

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