Bean's Story

Hi, I'm Ashley, also known as Bean or snihplod or even "shleee." I'm a self-taught nail artist who loves all things artsy and crafty. I recently graduated with an Environmental Science major from the University of Pacific, but I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. I also play flute and piccolo, enjoy horseback riding and ice skating, and enjoy playing tower defense (well I enjoy games, in general). Oh and books. I love books. Don't get me started on books, I won't stop.

If you happen to see me around the web, you'll probably find me as snihplod (hint, read it backwards). The nickname Bean is an old favorite of mine (not that old!) from high school, used so much that I actually do respond to being called Bean. "shleee" is self-explanatory...

I have to admit, I used to think wearing nail polish was a waste of time (gasp). In middle school and high school, I only wore polish for fancy events that required dressing up, and even then, I just borrowed my mom's nail polish! In the fall of 2011, however, I happened upon a pretty blue polish while shopping at Forever 21...sparkly azure, my favorite shade of blue, cheap...what could go wrong...did I mention sparkly? I decided to give nail polish another try. And not even a full two years later I am now irrevocably immersed in this strange new culture that is nail art. Opportunities and choices! I'm thinking this was a good one.

(As of Sept, 2015)
Enjoying stamping since it seems to be the quick (and fast-drying) and easy way to get a cute design on my nail. I feel like I might have used up all my patience while waiting for nails to dry! Still love water marbling, but now that I have somewhere between 50-100 bottles of polish, it actually feels like it's harder to find good marbling combinations! I feel like I've hit a bit of a rut when it comes to nail designs, but maybe it's time to revisit old designs or just suck it up and work on some technique.

Thanks for visiting!