Sand, Summer, and...Starfish!

So this was just a quick manicure I did, not to wear out, but I was just experimenting with gradients a bit.

I started with one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Golden-I as my 'sand.' You can see the tips of my nails showing through on this picture, so if you're using this polish by itself, I would recommend two coats for full coverage. On this manicure it won't matter so much because that's where we'll be adding some ocean! 

I used a makeup sponge to apply different blues to the lower third of my nails. This portion was done with Sinful Colors Love Nails (translucent blue).

To give it a bit more depth, I added some Zoya Rocky on top of the blue. Tada, ocean!

Finally, I added some sparkles from Pretty and Polished Love is Autumn-atic! and a little starfish using Zoya Penny. Finish with a top coat, and the look is complete. This was a cute manicure! I might try it again sometime soon! Thanks for reading!

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