Baa, baa, black sheep...

...have you any wool? (Long post and lots of pictures below!) By the way, like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepolishedbean :)

Pinky finger was my favorite but hard to see in this pic! But there's a better one below!
Okay, so I should've posted this last week but my roomies and I have been in this I DON'T WANNA [do work or anything really] mood for a while, so productivity has been very low recently. Hopefully this is a change towards more productivity! Haha...

This manicure is definitely one of my favorites! But it took FOREVER, and I mean forever to finish it. Part of this was I'm just ridiculously slow and meticulous when it comes to my own nails (and paranoid about whacking them against something before they're dry) so I spend a lot of time waiting for layers to dry. Another part of it was that I was multitasking and we all know how that goes...

The dreaded right hand...and times when I wish I were ambidextrous...
Anyway, this was pretty simple (though it looks detailed!) so I recommend giving this a try! (Maybe aim to do one nail on each hand as an accent, unless you're super-duper fast!) I recently got some nice dotting tools in the mail that feature four different tip sizes. In the past, I've used bobby pin heads, which worked fine, but I'm glad I had the different sizes for this manicure to do the eyes. If you don't have dotting tools, you can probably use toothpicks or a sharpened pencil to get the tiny dots! Or you could even pen them on with a sharpie!

Left hand minus the thumb.
I started with Zoya Dream as a base. This is such a gorgeous deep blue (which I bought together with a light blue glitter topper and metallic silver during my Frozen kick) so I have no idea why I haven't just worn it by itself before. Seriously, I could stare at it all day. (I put it on one nail and showed it to one of my roommates and just gave her the O_O face) The other colors I used were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out and NYC French White.

Long description of how I did this:
For each sheep, I started using the biggest dotting tool (slightly bigger than a bobby pin head) to do the bodies. I was trying to dot so that each dot just met at the edges, and traced the outline of the body, then filled in the middle using the same dotting tool. I had to be careful not to press down too hard on the nail that I would leave any impressions. Next, I did the feet and head. I think the head shapes came out the nicest on my thumb, ring, and pinky finger. I used the medium sized dotting tool for these. I was aiming for a a modified teardrop shape with the top rounded off instead of pointy. The black sheep's head is a little too square for my liking, but it's okay, it gives him character! Two little dots on the side of each head make the ears. The feet were just half dots from a medium sized dotting tool. Next were the eyes. I used the smallest dotting tools for these. I layered black over white, with a tiny white dot for a shine in the eye for the white sheep and omitted the first white circle for the black sheep. The sleeping sheep on my thumb got a black dot layered almost completely over a white dot. For the really tiny dots, I had to just barely touch the polish to my nail. The moon on my thumb was also done in the same way, by layering a silver polish under the base blue.

Here's each nail on my right hand by itself (tried to get a close up).

The thumb constant sleeper
The index finger rebel
The middle finger distracted one
The ring finger copycat
The pinky cute tiny one
Sadly, I got all those fun streaky marks when I did my top coat. So sad. Sheep still cute, though.

Thanks for reading!

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