Creatures of the Sea!

Hi, everyone! This is a fun mani I did during school and the pictures somehow ended up on my computer but not on the blog, so here they are now! My roommate suggested the octopus (because they're just so adorable!)

Does anyone else get weird blanket/sheet mark creases on their nails? This happens to me frequently. 

I used MASH stamp plates for this manicure. I started with a base of Sinful Colors Love Nails and added Zoya Maisie on top of each nail. Maisie is a light blue sheer polish with holographic flecks that remind me of mermaid scales!

The octopuses (octopi?) are hanging out on my middle and ring fingers, stamped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet (makes it look more purple). I added a bit of a gradient with Zoya Storm, a glittery ebony, on the tips, and stamped the scales with NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost. 

Here's a close up with of the waves, stamped in white (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear) and I believe I did a bit of the gradient here on my thumb as well (same as on pointer and pinky fingers). This was a little different than usual for me, having different accent fingers, because I usually do only the ring finger, or the ring finger and thumb. I really like the look of gradients under stamped designs, and I'll probably do many more of these in the future. Thanks for reading!

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