Classic Red

Today's manicure is simple and classy!

Hi, readers, friends, and family! These aren't my nails, but they are my work! I used two light coats of NYC: Broadway Burgundy Frost to create a nice even base coat. I then added three gold dots in the corner of each nail using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Extreme Wear: Golden-I. (Using a bobby pin! No need for fancy tools, just use the round end to dip into the polish.)

On an unrelated note, I had the weirdest bus adventure yesterday. I got on the bus around lunchtime, my usual route...about 3 stops before my stop, some lady and guy in the front start yelling. The lady is half sitting in the aisle...the guy is yelling that the lady bit him, and for a few minutes, they're both screaming at each other accusing I don't know what. Unrelated guy in the back of the bus starts making strange comments...I won't repeat them all, but one of them was "It's okay, you can bite me, mama." Needless to say, unnecessary and...strange comments. 

Anyway, by the next stop, bus driver is going around trying to figure out if anyone saw anything. Apparently, strange dude saw everything and moved to the front of the bus to talk to the bus driver. Meanwhile, the lady and allegedly bitten man had moved their conversation to outside the bus. So far, the bus hasn't moved from the stop for a good five minutes or so (a lifetime in bus time) and everyone is wondering what's going on...when suddenly, bus driver says, "Everybody off!" At which point, I'm thinking: Okay, do I wait for the next bus? Do I catch a different route taking me the same direction? Or do I walk, 'cuz it's not too far. 

Luckily, I deliberated long enough that a police officer and what looked like a bus manager or supervisor both came around, probably took some statements, then cleared the bus to take passengers again. The cool part about this? Half of the bus's previous occupants were gone, so I get two seats to myself (for a couple streets until I got off.) A few hours later, I did my friend's nails...apples and earthworms! If I remember to take a picture, it'll be up on the blog soon! 

That's all! Just a nice simple mani that anyone can do at home! Try it out yourself and let me know how it turns out. Thanks for reading! 

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