Bus Adventure #2 ...and other things

I'm taking a break from nails and nail polish and nail art...so if you aren't interested in anything but those, this post is not for you. However, if you want to hear about some of the random things that have been going on in my life, read on!

Bus Adventure #2
Over the summer I regularly use the bus for transportation because I am crazy lazy and don't want to get my license don't have a car. My previous bus adventure was about crazy people arguing...this one is more about crazy coincidences.

I left home around 1pm, settled in on the bus for my hour long bus ride. Looking around, I noticed three people, a mom and her two daughters (probably) sitting together. I mostly noticed them because one of the girls had the same shoes I use for Pep Band (black Vans) and the other had a hair tie the same color as mine. I didn't notice when they got off, but they were gone by the time I got off at my stop.

On my way back, a few hours later, I noticed these familiar people got on the bus a few stops after I got on...and after staring at them a while, I realized they were the same people from earlier! They of course got off with me at the same stop we all originally got on the bus around 1pm, but I was so surprised to see them walking in the same direction as me! Turns out they live in the same apartment complex.

What are the chances? That we both leave and return at the same time? And after all this time of riding the same route, I can't say I've ever recognized anybody riding the bus regularly.

Food Adventure #1
Sososososoooo the other day I did NOT start the morning off right...woke up to the sound of hammering upstairs at 6:45am, which is waaaaay too early for me in the summer. And I decided (after managing to drag myself out of bed because more sleep was not happening any time soon) that this called for something good to eat.

Normally I'm really lazy in the morning. Which means I eat poptarts. The smores kind, if possible. But recently I've come across a bunch of microwave-mug concoctions that sound soooo scrumptious! This was the day...to try banana bread in a mug!

See the original recipe here!

I won't bore you with too many details, and I'm no kitchen expert, but this recipe was super easy and super fast! Less than three minutes in the microwave and mashing banana with a fork is actually kinda fun and stress relieving...here's a picture of mine:

It's the cup I bought for Father's Day a few years ago. 
Thanks for reading! Next time: nail art. I promise. :D And maybe an adventure story or two.

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